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John J. Gumperz Life-Time Achievement Award
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IPrA members are called upon to make a nomination for


In 2017, IPrA awarded its first John J. Gumperz Life-Time Achievement Award to Sandra A. Thompson of UC Santa Barbara.

IPrA will present the second John J. Gumperz Life-Time Achievement Award during the 16th International Pragmatics Conference, June 2019, in Hong Kong.

  • Nominations
    • Who can nominate?
      • all and only IPrA members are entitled to nominate candidates
    • When is a nomination valid?
      • to be valid, a nomination should be signed by 20 IPrA members
    • Nomination deadline:
      • nominations should reach the IPrA Secretariat before 15 December 2018
    • Nomination procedure
      • download the nomination form from the ‘Members only’ section of this website (accessible after signing in with your user name and password)
      • fill in the name of your nominee and the names of at least 20 signatories (all members of IPrA) willing to support the nomination, and provide the requested motivation for your choice
      • return the form by email to the IPrA Executive Secretary ( before the deadline
      • NOTE: a member cannot send in more than one nomination form; if asked, however, a member may act as signatory for more than one nominee
  • Eligibility criteria:
    • nominees should have made a significant and internationally recognized contribution to the field of linguistic pragmatics, broadly conceived as the (interdisciplinary) science of language use
    • nominees do NOT themselves have to be IPrA members, nor is any past or present affiliation with IPrA required
    • members of the IPrA Consultation Board are NOT eligible
  • Decision:
    • Who decides?
      • the final choice is made, from the list of nominees, by the IPrA Consultation Board
    • Decision procedure
      • members of the IPrA Consultation Board select one of the eligible nominees by blind vote
    • Date of announcement
      • early 2019
  • An award ceremony will be held during the opening sessions of the 16th International Pragmatics Conference on Sunday 9 June 2019.

IPrA membership is fluctuating. But in your search for supporters of a nomination you want to make, please use the Directory you get access to after signing in with your user name and password at this website. 

For the constitution of the IPrA Consultation Board (whose members are not eligible for the award), see the Organisation page of the IPrA website.