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Troubleshooting advice if you encounter access/processing problems

Since the site is used from all over the world, under varying conditions, a number of issues may hinder smooth interaction, both with membership registration and with the payment of membership dues.

The most serious problem may be that local settings (whether regional or institutional) block access, in which case only the use of a different computer on a different network, or a good vpn-connection, may help.

But here are a few things that may solve common problems:

1. Check whether Javascript is enabled on your browser; it must be enabled for all processes to work

2. If Javascript is enabled and something still does not work:

·        Clear your browsing data (especially cookies and cached files)

·        Check if the browser allows cookies, and if not, make sure it accepts cookies from,, and

All of this can usually be done easily by going to your browser's settings, possibly continuing to advanced settings, and looking into content settings (labels may of course differ in different browsers).

Sometimes, simply moving to a different browser may solve your problems.

When processing membership dues, it is essential to completely fill in the billing information on the payment form.

Our e-payment service abides by the highest international security standards, which include the requirement to give a full address, with a postal code (even if in a given area the use of a postal code may not be very common), 'location' (where you choose N/A if there is no applicable state or province), and a telephone number. It is also important to make sure that the billing address corresponds completely to the address of the owner of the credit card that is used; thus if you use a personal credit card, but you do not give your personal address (but rather an institutional one), the process may fail. Note also, the format of the credit card expiry date  requires four digits for the year -- an easily overlooked detail.

If your membership registration is not yet complete (i.e. if dues have not yet been processed) and you sign in at with the user name and password you chose, you may get the rather unfriendly message that your membership has expired. This only means that dues payment has not yet been processed. But there are two possible scenarios:

Possibility 1: you have already gone through the payment process, but either payment has failed or you have chosen the ‘Bill me’ option.

In that case the page you reach when logging in will give you a link to the outstanding invoice, with a button (the first one under 'Options') that allows you to inspect the invoice, and another one (the second one under 'Options') that leads directly to the online payment system. If you fill in all the required fields (see the remarks on billing information above), payment should work now. After completing the process you will immediately receive a (link to a) receipt by email.

You may of course also make your payment by means of a bank transfer. At the bottom of the invoice you find all the banking details you need to do so.  As soon as the transfer has been received, it will be processed (usually within about one week) and you will then receive a (link to a) receipt by email.

Possibility 2: no payment attempt has been made yet, or it has not been recorded in the online system because something went wrong, possibly at an early stage (in which case you probably received an ERROR message).

In that case, click 'Securely renew your membership now'.

In the screen that appears, do not forget to make the appropriate choice from the drop-down list that appears when you click 'Please select a Membership' (i.e. choose the membership category you opted for).

Then you can proceed with the online transaction. When doing so, please make sure to provide all the billing information requested (see above). After completing this process you will immediately receive a (link to a) receipt by email.

You may also choose the 'Bill me' option and (a link to) an invoice will be sent to you; the invoice contains all necessary payment instructions.As soon as the transfer has been received, it will be processed (usually within about one week) and you will then receive a (link to a) receipt by email.